Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

my adorable little sister, Alyssa, and me at the 'kids table' circa 1986

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  From one of your crazy girls. 

Thank you for reading to us every night, for taking us to the beach every weekend, and for schlepping us around to dance, soccer, horseback riding and golf.  Thank you for making the best chicken broccoli casserole in the universe, and for sneaking cookie dough when dad wasn't looking.  Thank you for setting traditions, setting rules, and for making everything more beautiful.  Thank you for teaching us to be polite, taking us to church on Sunday, and thank you for insisting that we always dress up for special occassions. 

Thank you for your endless support and love.  And, thank you for letting me call you everyday to talk about nothing.  :)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!




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Betsy said...

Yall are so adorable. I know your Mom is loving this post. So sweet.

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