Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hot House Flowers Footstool

My love for this Celerie Kemble print continues...  (if you follow me on twitter, you know I'm obsessed).  So really, how awesome is this harp-shaped footstool?  It looks good with Hot House Flowers, I think. 

I love it. 

Just listed it in the shop!  Click HERE!

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Paulette said...

I love how the fabric riffs on the curvy legs of the stool. This is a super duper pairing! You've inspired me to get moving on reupholstering the vintage telephone bench that's been meandering in my apartment for the past year.

anh-minh said...

LOVE it! Too bad (for me) it's already sold. But I'll keep my eye on your shop for similar pieces.

prashant said...

This is a super duper pairing!

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kanishk said...

This is a super duper pairing!

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