Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Etsy Shop: Red Red Orange!

Today's etsy shop is owned by a fellow Philadelphian!  Sarah, of RedRedOrange, sells cards and personalized stationary (I LOVE the monogrammed flat cards with the yellow envelope!).  I'm especially fond of the punchy, saturated hues with fun, yet sophisticated graphics.  I love giving personalized cards for bridal or baby showers.  It's an unexpected gift that the bride (or mommy-to-be) wouldn't necessarily think that she would need! 

So, go shopping.  Buy yourself some personalized cards.  Oh, and her prices are really really low, so that makes it even easier.

Or, would you prefer blue?  And, don't you love these color combinations?  Mango with turquoise, and marigold with avocado...  even sounds yummy.

Love this little bird on a nest. 

LOVE the colors here.  What a happy card!

Check out these modern Christmas Cards!!!  I love that apple green envelope!

(she also has holiday cards with adorable blue snowflakes!)

Visit the RedRedOrange shop HERE!

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AEOT said...

Great feature! Sarah designed all my wedding stationary, and I was incredibly impressed with how perfectly it came out. All my guests commented on it was so "us". Truly the best compliment one could receive- and it all goes to Sarah!!

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