Thursday, April 21, 2016

Buying Trip

This past week/weekend, Dave and I both left town and went on a buying trip for High Street Market.  It was the first time I had EVER left my children, which was a crazy feeling.  However, they were in good hands with my parents and, truthfully, it was soooo nice to get away (hello, SLEEP).  Before kids (BK), we loved taking road trips.  Living on the East Coast allows you to do fun things like that-- every couple of hours you’re in a new amazing city. But, after kids (AK), traveling is an obvious challenge.  So, getting on the road was really invigorating and it brought back fun memories for both us.  

It’s hard to believe but Dave and I have been in this business TOGETHER for almost eight years now.  Over those years, we’ve made some really good relationships with antique dealers and craftsmen all across the country.  A lot of these folks specialize in "house clean outs" where they buy the contents of an estate and sell it off to people like us.  So, we never know what kind of treasures they'll have available.  Dave's been doing most of the buying (AK), so I was thrilled to tag along and shop.  Also, we coordinated our trip to overlap with High Point Market and we were able to schedule a lot of awesome meetings down there.  And, we SHOPPED.  

Here are a few pictures...

 These louvered shutters and pendants.

If we had a larger car, I would have purchased a couple of these gorgeous green dressers.  The worn finishes were perfection.  Honestly, I was a little surprised how interested I was in "distressed" pieces on this trip.  Not my usual thing.  But, for some reason, I was digging the worn out, farmy, countrified, rustic finds.  Now, I just need a farmhouse to furnish... :)

  And, I will always love an equestrian/hunting theme. Vintage riding boots and European mounts mixed with Whitetail deer horns.  Love it all.

Again, such a rustic mix of green and worn wood finishes.

Beautiful display-- love this frosted finish on vintage green bottles.

 I have no place for this guy.  But, yes. :)

Stay tuned as our finds from this road trip make their way to High Street Market.  Lots of chic things came home with us!

Also, Snapchat.  I joined Snapchat.  We posted a ton of behind the scenes pics and videos during our trip.  If you want to follow along, find us at highstreetHome.  Yay!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Before & After: Vintage Chairs

 Today, I thought I would share a little "before & after" action.  We bought these vintage chairs a long time ago and only recently pulled them out of storage. 

Even in the "before" pics, you can see the fabulous lines and classic silhouette.  The solid wood frames were painted black at some point in their lifetime.  But, I have to say, the way the finish has worn and weathered over the years has created the most PERFECT look.  I don't think we could have replicated this worn matte finish if we tried.   Both chairs needed new filling, and the old yellow chenille left much to be desired.  So, off to the upholsterer they went. 

In regards to upholstery, we chose a Parlor Textiles floral print that we've used before.  It's a hardy cotton blend that upholsters beautifully.  Plus, it has a chic border that we knew would look tremendous on the arm.

So, here's what they look like now..

Pretty, right?  These beauties will look excellent in our client's home.  Furniture makeovers are my favorite kind of makeovers. 


Friday, March 11, 2016

Shop our Floor Sample Sale!

Attention, chic Philadelphia shoppers!!  We are hosting a huge Floor Sample Sale in the studio next week.  As we make way for awesome new pieces, we are selling our fabulous floor models at 50% OFF.  Shop by appointment only.  We are booking a few customers per hour, so if you want to grab some great deals, make sure to sign up for your time slot.  Email us at or call at 1-888-669-1189. 

See you at the sale, ladies & gents. :)


Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Inspiration: Nannette Brown

My friend, Amy Meier, recently posted this short video and I thought it was so completely inspiring, I felt compelled to share it on this blog.  If you love historic homes and BEAUTIFUL furnishings, you'll love this.  I can't think of a better way to start a Monday.  So, watch and enjoy:

I tried doing a little research on the history of the house but I came up empty handed.  If you know more about the house, I would love to hear it!  Please share in the comments section. :)

Since, I can't pass along any interesting histories about this project...  here are some gorgeous pictures from the designer, Nannette Brown.  Layered and worn, yet edited and clean, with the perfect amount of tailored elegance... 

 Happy Monday!

 PS:  Do you guys like the blog redesign?  In a previous post, I mentioned that we needed a face lift.  I like the new look-- hopefully, you do too!  



Monday, January 18, 2016

Before & After: Breakfast Room Banquette

Happy Monday!  We had a mini installation at a client's home last week.  So, I thought I would share a quick "before & after" post today.  Because, everyone loves a little "before & after"...

One of our longtime clients wanted to transform the breakfast room off their kitchen.  We envisioned a sleek space with LOADS of seating.  A place that felt comfortable enough for casual breakfasts, yet tailored enough for semi-formal dinners.  The style of the room had to coordinate with the vibe that was happening in the rest of the house.  So, we kept the colors simple: different shades of grey, cream and white, with a dark contrast of ebony wood. 

The breakfast room itself features windows on three sides and a vaulted ceiling.  So it's about the most cheerful place you can imagine.  In the winter, I can imagine sitting here and sipping coffee while the snow falls...  In the summer, it's the perfect place to sit with open windows and a warm breeze.  :)

(designing a 3-piece custom banquette with tight upholstered back, waterfall skirt, and a french seam)

We selected a heathered grey upholstery fabric that would wear well for this busy family.  The finish on the custom table would be a weathered ebony wood.  Double x-base pedestals would anchor the table and create visual interest.



Such a gorgeous space!  Even though this shot is virtually unstyled (and "professionally" taken with my iPhone), you can see that this breakfast room design is complete.  It suits this young hip family and feels right with the rest of the house.  That modern light fixture from RH Modern adds just the right amount of sparkle without taking anything away from the amazing view outdoors.  The heathered sisal rug hides EVERYTHING and it brings such beautiful texture and warmth to the room.  I love how this space turned out.  Our first installation of 2016-- not a bad way to start the year.  :)


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hello, 2016!

Happy New Year!  I am back on the blog after taking a nice looooong 8 month hiatus.  And, if you've followed along over the years, you know that I love a NEW YEAR.  Not only does it feel like a fresh start (typical goal setting, clean slate, etc.), it's also such a nice time to get sappy and reflect on life.  So, what better time to resume writing and updating the blog.  I've missed having a place to share design projects, inspiration, current home renovations (there are so many), and other fun tidbits of the Internet rabbit hole.  While Instagram feels like the new blog (do you feel that way? so many of my favorite bloggers have dropped their blogs and gone to Instagram), I feel like I still need a place to go and write about my favorite things, current projects, DIYs, etc.  So, I'm back to blogging. 

In the past 7 months, a lot has happened.  First off, I had a baby girl.  Her name is June Marie and she is a precious precious little thing.  Her big brother William (who is now 2!) adores her.  Dave and I are loving our little family of four and enjoying all the things that come with it.  So much love there.  :) 

Other stuff that is happening: High Street Market is growing and expanding.   It's hard to believe that this blog started a whopping 7 years ago.  Back then, High Street Market was a little Etsy business that Dave and I were managing in our free time.  It started with a love of design and fascination with antique and vintage pieces.  We shopped until we dropped (in some cases, literally), posted our finds and sold them to chic customers around the world.  Fast forward to 2016...  our website has grown, we have our own product line and our own studio space, and we have a list of goals we want to accomplish this year.  Our 1890s home renovation is still "in progress" (always) and we are parenting two little kiddos.  So, lots of things. 

Another thing happening this year: my design business is changing a bit.  Kelly G. Robson Design is becoming High Street HOME DESIGN.  I'm excited about this for so many reasons.  It means that we are hiring more people, adding designers to our team, and offering more services to our customers and clients (interior design, furnishings, construction specification, and bid management).   We'll launch our website this year and continue to take on more projects (in the Philadelphia area and beyond).  I look forward to sharing a lot of those updates here.    

I'm also thinking that 2016 is the year for a SERIOUS blog makeover.  This page needs a bit of a facelift, to say the least.  Stay tuned for that.

Until then, let's link up on the interwebs -- 

follow High Street Market on Instagram @highstreetmarket where we often host Instagram giveaways and post about secret sales...  and, you can find my personal account @kellyrobson (where I post a lot of pictures of William and June because I'm that mom and kids are cute).   

Happy 2016 to you!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Client Project (before & after)

Over the weekend, we did a little photoshoot at a local Philadelphia client's home that I had completed a couple of years ago.  Since finishing this project, the client has become a very close friend of mine.  And every time I visit, I feel like she needs to kick me out because I want to stay forever.  Every room is comfortable and welcoming, while still feeling polished and put together.  It was important that the furniture be functional for a young family.  Yet, it needed to be sleek enough to entertain.  I'm very happy with the way the space turned out-- it reflects the style of the family that lives there.  And even years later, it still looks terrific when you walk through the door. 

Photographing the completed spaces was LONG overdue.  But after a very busy day of shooting, we came back to the office with some great shots.  Since everyone loves a good "before & after," I thought I would share some of the pictures with you today...

living room, before.

 living room, after.

The living room had a unique configuration that presented a challenging layout.  But, when we placed the television over the fireplace, we were able to balance the space, add plenty of unique seating, and create a more organized flow throughout the room.  The pair of ottomans double as extra seats when entertaining.  The Baker parlor chairs (which the client already owned) complement the pair of antique Jean-Michel Frank chairs that we found in a local antique shop (we had the caning restored and they are still some of my favorite vintage finds to date).  The leopard upholstery mixed with Peter Dunham "fig leaf" is great.  And, I love the mix of unlacquered brass...

 (love these chairs!)

And, here are a few additional shots from the rest of the house...



Friday, April 17, 2015

We're LIVE (so, we're celebrating with online & in store SALES)

Our online store got a makeover, folks.  And as of last night, the new look is LIVE!  Finally!  I hope you guys like it as much as we do.  The new layout is cleaner and brighter and easier to navigate.  We've incorporated a ton of new features to make shopping a whole lot more fun.  And, our mobile shopping experience is easier too (which was so important!).  

To celebrate the big reveal, we're hosting a huge sale-- online and in store!!  Take 20% OFF all orders starting today 4/17 and ending at midnight on Monday 4/20.  If you follow us regularly, you know we don't really host sales very often (only during the holidays, mostly).  So, this is kind of a big deal for us.  This weekend's sale is STOREWIDE and that includes furniture (although, it excludes lighting).  Just use code: NEWLOOK


Friday, April 3, 2015

Sneak Peek (new HSM website!)

Would you like to see a sneak peek of our new look?  Like I mentioned yesterday, the online store is currently getting nipped and tucked, and she's starting to look pretty good.  :) What do you think?  It's still technically "under construction" but the overall look is bigger, brighter, and more organized.  The navigation is easier, the pictures are better, and the new platform will allow us to perform better for our customers (think new promotions and sales).  There are a ton of new features (that we've worked so hard on incorporating)... I can't wait to launch this baby this month.  It's been a lot of late nights and overtime for work for us.  So, we're pretty excited about it.

Here's a screen shot-- things might change between now and the actual launch, but I'm loving the progress so far.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Store Happenings...

We've been really busy in the store this last month.  So many new products have arrived for spring, and we are prepping for two exciting events happening in April.  :)  First and foremost, we are in the midst of totally redesigning our online store.  It's been waaaaaay too long since the site had a facelift, so we've been working hard to incorporate some great new features (hopefully, to make shopping a lot easier and more fun for our customers!).  It's involved a lot of late nights, so I'm pretty excited about launching the new look (yay!).  The second thing happening: we will be hosting some in-store events during the second half of the month.  Lots of vintage sales and in-store sales.  We'll have refreshments (wine) and a "Girls Day Out" event (sale, desserts, and more wine).  It should be fun.  So, stay tuned for news on that, and if you're in the area, please stop in and say hi!

For now, here are some recent pics of the store and some of our new products...

(lots of chic new white ceramics-- vases, faceted boxes, and urchins)

(a shot of our gorgeous Helena sofa in the studio.  Did you know we sell custom upholstery?  We do, and we're really proud of the partnership we've made with our custom manufacturer.  Everything is made in America and the quality is top notch-- find the collection of upholstery here.  Also, everything ships for free!)

 (new Burlap covered vases, just arrived for springtime.  They also make chic candle holders for those al fresco dinners happening this summer)

 (our new white faceted vases)

 (hammered ginger jars)

 (again, our white urchins...  and those chartreuse Cherry Blossom Pillows are on major sale right now-- small and large)

(and my favorite Modern Mint candle burning in the studio-- it's the best scent ever.)

Also worth noting (if you're interested!), we have started some Instagram Giveaways on our Instagram account (we gave away 11 free gifts last week!).  Just follow us to participate.  We honestly have the greatest customers on the Internet, so we love hearing from you guys on such a fun and interactive platform.  So, let's link up over there.  :)

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