Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Doormats!

image from martha stewart

I got myself a new doormat this week.  My favorite: coconut fiber with big black greek key edging.  I never get sick of it.

available HERE

But, there are a lot of terrific options out there to spruce up your front step!  If we need to shake the snow off of our boots, might as well do it in style!  Check out my other favorite options...

available HERE

These two mats were featured in this month's issue of Country Living!

  available HERE.

available HERE.

Still love the traditional wrought iron doormat...

available HERE.

a lattice version from anthropologie.  get it HERE.

available HERE.

available HERE.

available HERE.


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Jennifer said...

I get my Greek Key mats at Wal-Mart ... shhh don't tell.

Amanda Bevington said...

Kelly....I bought 3 greek key mats when we bought the new house....I got them because I thought to myself....what would Kelly get? Seriously....I know, but I'm serious....whenever I'm challenged, I think "what would Kelly do?" - gets me thru tough design decisions every time! Funny to see today that you said that one was your fave....but I have to say that I saw that plaid one in country living and it was just too cute to pass up! Now I have to change the front door to RED! : ) A

megan said...

I love your bamboo (?) doormat - where did you get that one? And is that your matte black front door? I've always thought I wanted a glossy black front door but now I'm seeing the matte - it's fabulous.

On another note, have just purchased the Union Jack doormat for my lovely British husband. I'm sure he'll roll his eyes and move it directly to the back door. Oh well, at least I love it!

Kelly Galvin Robson said...

Megan! I cannot take credit for the lead photo! It's from Martha Stewart! I wish it were my front porch though... would love the boots too!

Paulette said...

I saw the "Burberry" one in CL and loved it, but I'm also sorely tempted by the Union Jack one. Either way, I think a new front door mat will be the perfect way to kick off the new year!

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