Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creative Kids Rooms

Inspired by the wonderfully creative kids rooms in the recent issue of Lonny Magazine (specifically, in the homes of Palmer Weiss, here and here, and Lulu De Kwiatkowski), I thought I should share some 'kids room' tear sheets I've been hoarding from around the web. 

 what kid wouldn't want a teepee in their room?!

love the pink poufs!

a modern light fixture can seem so playful and imaginative

love the wallpapered closet doors...  they seem to disappear.

a vintage dresser gets a coat of warm orange paint!

I just love the simple green polka dots with the airplanes flying across the wall...

a perfect solution for book storage

a dreamy girls room, with white drapery surrounding the bed

a polka dot ceiling!

and, another wallpapered ceiling...  this time with that wallpaper I can't stop talking about.

a closet turned into a hiding nook...  for two.

love the graphic roman shades with the pale blue wall

a fabulous collection of prints!

another orange dresser for a pop of fun color



  1. Those are all such inspiring rooms. I Love the pink poufs, the closet bunk space idea (crazy good!), all the colors, every picture..... thanks for sharing!

  2. Pretty! I'm finishing my kids rooms now!

  3. Thank you for this clever and useful kids room design idea.

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